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Studies that investigate the immune system, its interactions with tumor cells, and opportunities to enhance the body's natural defenses against cancer

Latest in Immuno-oncology
C. Alston James, Peter Ronning et al.
Allogeneic cancer vaccines are designed to induce antitumor immune responses with the goal of impacting tumor growth. Typical allogeneic cancer vaccines are produced by expansion of established cancer cell lines, transfection with vectors encoding immunostimulatory cytokines, and lethal irradiation. More than 100 clinical ...
Makoto Ando, Taisuke Kondo et al.
T cells with a stem cell memory (TSCM) phenotype provide long-term and potent antitumor effects for T-cell transfer therapies. Although various methods for the induction of TSCM-like cells in vitro have been reported, few methods generate TSCM-like cells from effector/exhausted T cells. We have reported that coculture ...
Glenn J. Hanna, Alessandro Villa et al.
Oral leukoplakia is common and may, in some cases, progress to carcinoma. Proliferative leukoplakia is a progressive, often multifocal subtype with a high rate of malignant transformation compared with the more common localized leukoplakia. We hypothesized that the immune microenvironment and gene expression patterns ...
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